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Welcome to Avalanche Sports Ski Rentals in Breckenridge, CO

Avalanche Sports is your go-to source for ski rentals in Breckenridge, CO, located right in the heart of the town’s quaint Historic District. Our locally owned and operated shop, which is proudly independent, specializes in providing top-notch ski equipment to elevate your mountain experiences.


We provide the best ski gear on the market today to guarantee an unrivaled experience on Breckenridge's slopes, whether you are a long-term resident or just passing through.

Demo Ski & Snowboard

Reservation Rate

Single Day $39.20 | Multi Day $36

The quality and variety of our ski equipment rental in Breckenridge, CO reflect our love of skiing and the great outdoors. We take great care in maintaining our skis so they are always precisely tuned to handle the demands of Breckenridge's terrain, from groomed routes to backcountry adventures.

Why Choose Avalanche Sports for Your Ski Rental in Breckenridge, CO?

Our Ski Rental Offerings

High-Quality Equipment: We stock the latest in ski technology along with well-loved classics that many skiers swear by. Our skilled staff makes sure that each pair is just right so you have the best possible experience on the slopes.

Personalized Fittings: Our ski techs make sure that your boots and skis fit perfectly so that you are more comfortable and perform better. Taking this personalized method for Breckenridge, CO ski rentals lowers your risk of pain and injuries, making skiing more fun and safer.


Flexible Rental Options: We know that every skier has different needs. That's why we offer a range of rental deals, from short-term rentals for one-day ski runs to longer rentals for longer stays in Breckenridge.

Our Ski Rental Packages & Rates

Save 20%  |  6th day Free*


Reserve Early & Save 20%. If you are skiing 5 consecutive days,* the 6th day is free!


Book your reservation in advance to take advantage of our best offers.


*Reservations must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the "first day on snow."  

This is the only way to guarantee that you will have equipment when you arrive.  


Missed the cut-off time? We accept walk-in rentals after 5 pm for the following day. The best time to pick up gear without a reservation is after 6 pm the day before, or between 8 and 9 am the day of. Store hours 8 am - 8 pm every day.


All reservation equipment is pre-set, providing for quick and hassle-free pickup at our ski rental in Breckenridge, even the day before.*

If you have any questions please call 970-453-1461.


Want to pick up your equipment the day before? No problem. You can come in and get your reservation after 5 pm the day before. We recommend coming in between 6 pm and 8 pm to avoid that day's rental returns.

Performance Ski & Snowboard

Reservation Rate

Single Day $38.40| Multi Day $36

Target Skier: Beginner to Intermediate who skis less than a week a year 

(Compare With Walk In Rate:

Single Day $48 | Multi Day $45) 

Junior Performance

Reservation Rate

Single Day $24 | Multi Day $20

 *Bonus Savings! Junior Helmet Included With Advance Reservation, ($10/Day Value!)

   Target Skier: Junior* who is linking turns and is moving out of the beginner category


*(Kids under 12, less than 5 feet tall,

and under Youth Size 6 Shoe)


(Compare With Walk In Rate:

Single Day $30 l Multi Day $25)  

Demo Ski & Snowboard

Reservation Rate

Single Day $46.40 | Multi Day $41

Step On Burton Binding, Additional $10 | Day

Target Skier: Intermediate to Expert, who wants a ski tailored to his or her individual style & ability 

(Compare With Walk In Rate:

Single Day $58 l Multi Day $55)  

Junior Ski

Reservation Rate

Single Day $20 | Multi Day $16

   *Bonus Savings! Junior Helmet Included With Advance Reservation, ($10/Day Value!)

Target Skier: Typically most small children who are growing and have not skied much, beginners


*(Kids under 12, less than 5 feet tall,

and under Youth Size 5 Shoe)

(Compare With Walk In Rate(s):

Single Day $25 l Multi Day $20)

The Ski Rental Process Explained

Avalanche Sports offers a simple and hassle-free experience for your ski rental in Breckenridge, CO so you can enjoy more time on the slopes:


Select Your Skis: Our friendly staff is here to help you pick the perfect skis from our wide range of options.

Get Fitted: We'll ensure that your boots and skis are just right for your style and ability.

Pick Up Conveniently: Grab your equipment the evening before your ski day to beat the morning rush.

Hit the Slopes: With your gear ready, you're all set to enjoy the best of Breckenridge.

Easy Return: When you're finished, returning your gear is quick and hassle-free.


Skis Available:

Our Selection of Skis: We've carefully chosen our skis to cater to every type of skier out there. We regularly update our inventory to bring you the latest in ski technology as well as timeless classics. Take a peek at some of the fantastic skis and boards you can pick from:


All-Mountain Skis: These do-it-all skis are perfect for any condition, from smooth groomed runs to a touch of fresh powder. They're great if you love exploring every corner of the mountain.

Carving Skis: These skis are ideal for those who enjoy making smooth, precise turns. They're slimmer for better edge grip and shine on harder snow.

Big Mountain Skis: Made for the adventurous skier who thrives off the beaten path in deep powder, these wider skis provide fantastic float.

Twin Tip Skis: A hit with freestyle skiers, twin tips are designed for fun in the park and pipe, yet they're versatile enough for all-around mountain fun.

Racing Skis: If you’re all about speed and precision on groomed trails, our racing skis offer top-notch construction and are built to move fast.

Each category of skis comes with high-quality bindings and can be paired with boots from our rental packages for a seamless skiing experience. Whether you’re hitting the slopes for the first time or a seasoned pro, extensive ski selection ensures that you discover the correct fit for your skiing vacation in Breckenridge.

Make a Ski Rental Reservation:

{ Save 20% On Rentals When You Book Online }


{ Rent for 5 Consecutive Days, Get 6th Day Free }


*Reservations must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the "first day on snow."  


We have two locations and a huge supply of skis and boards. Even during the busiest times of the year, we have seldom, if ever, turned away a customer!


Reservations are for consecutive days; after the equipment has been returned, the reservation is completed. If you know you'll be taking a day off in between and want to guarantee equipment for both stages, please make two separate reservations.

** Must Reserve 48 Hours in Advance

Visit Us for Ski Rentals in Breckenridge, CO

Come visit our shop on Main Street in Breckenridge to browse our assortment and meet our friendly staff. At Avalanche Sports, we’re more than a ski rental in Breckenridge, CO; we’re an important part of your holiday. Discover how we can help you make your time on the mountain fun and memorable.


Experience the difference with Avalanche Sports – where your skiing adventures begin!



Have a question?

Reserve your skis and bikes here (all reservations are done online, not by phone)

Call us at 970.453.1461 {South Store} or 970.453.4019 {North Store} or fill out the contact form & we’ll get back to you promptly.

Success! Message received.

FAQs About Ski Rental in Breckenridge, CO

What should I bring to Avalanche Sports for renting ski equipment?

Just bring a valid photo ID and a credit card for the deposit. It's also helpful to know your weight, height, shoe size, and skiing ability, so we can quickly match you with the perfect equipment.

Can I swap or upgrade my rental skis during my rental period?

Definitely! We understand that your needs might change with the slopes' conditions, so we offer the flexibility to swap or upgrade your skis anytime during your rental period. That’s the beauty of Avalanche - ski rentals near Breckenridge, CO are too far for a quick swap. We’re right in the heart of town!

What happens if I damage my rental skis?

Don’t worry—normal wear and tear are included in your rental. If there’s significant damage, there might be a repair fee. We recommend chatting with us when you pick up your skis so we can go over everything and put your mind at ease.

What is the best month to ski in Breckenridge?

December to February are fantastic months to hit the slopes in Breckenridge, thanks to great snow conditions. March is also a great choice if you like warmer weather and still plenty of snow.

Can beginners ski in Breckenridge?

Absolutely, Breckenridge is perfect for beginners! We have a variety of gentle slopes and ski schools that offer lessons for new skiers of all ages, making it a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.

Do you have to wear a helmet skiing at Breckenridge?

While it's not a legal requirement, we strongly recommend wearing a helmet for safety, no matter your skill level. It's always better to be safe on the slopes, and most ski schools and rental shops will advise you to wear one.

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