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Do to a limited amount of bicycles this summer, reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of arrival. 
To ensure accurate availability, reservations can ONLY be completed on-line through our booking site. 
We are not accepting phone reservations at any time this summer.
All available bicycles, without a reservation, will be rented in person, on a first come, first serve basis.

This Summer,  All Full Suspension Rentals Will Be Available At Our South Store
 Path Bike (E-Bikes and Pedal) Rentals Are Available At Our North Store

Bike Rental Faq's

Reservations are not required, but are highly recommended


     Due to an anticipated heightened demand this summer and a corresponding industry wide bike shortage, reserving a bike beforehand, is a must.


Rental Day Guidelines


     The rental bike day is between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  Bikes can be picked up anytime after 9am, and must be returned by 5pm.  In some situations, we will allow a bike to be picked up at 5pm the day before.  Certain criteria must be met for this to occur, and there is an extra charge.  This CANNOT be reserved and must be worked 

     out in person.  Morning returns are not allowed.


Bike Rental Deposit

      All reservations require full payment prior to pick up.  Avalanche Sports will contact you after your reservation is submitted.  We will confirm dates and rider details.  We will refund a deposit if Avalanche is notified no later than 48hrs before pick up.


Addition Equipment Provided.

     Avalanche Sports will provide a helmet, pedal choice (flat, spd, time, crank brothers) and a flat kit at no extra charge.  Local maps are available for purchase.

2022 Rental Bike Rates

Mountain Bikes

Aluminum Full Suspension  $75/day  $70/multiday


Models:  Ibis Ripley AF,  Ibis Ripmo AF,  and Kona Process 134


Carbon Full Suspension  $95/day  $90/multiday


Models:  Santa Cruz 5010, Blur TR, Bronson, Hightower and Nomad. 

Ibis Ripley and Ripmo

Juliana Roubion and Wilder


Road Bikes

  Flat Bar Road/Hybrid  $45/day  $40/multiday  

Carbon Road Bikes  $70/day $65/multiday

Pedal Assist Path Bikes  $70/day  65/multiday


Junior Equipment

     Trailers, 20" and 24" Bikes  $30/day  $25/multiday


540 S Main St.

Breckenridge, CO 80424

Tel: 970-453-1461

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