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What are Store Hours? 

Ski Shops 8am - 8pm

(December 15th-March 31st)


Bike Shop  (April 22th-November 8th) 9am-5pm :: South Store Only

Summer Season  9am-5pm  (May 25 - Oct 6 ) ::Both Stores

Can I pick up my advance reservation the day before? 


Short Answer ::  Skis Yes, Bikes No


You may pick up your ski or board reservation(s) after 5 pm the day before your start date. 

 *(Bikes may not be reserved for an evening pick up)

Do you offer 24 hour rentals, what constitutes a day?

We do not offer 24 hour rentals.  A "day" is the period between our opening time, and when we require the equipment back that same calendar day.  Morning returns are not allowed.


Do you bend the rules?  What if I'm trying to start riding outside of your posted business hours?

This is the question / situation we struggle with the most. 


We cannot guarantee a bicycle will be available to rent at closing.  Therefore, we do not accept late afternoon / day before reservations.  However, we will allow pick up before we close, if certain criteria are met.  These are :: (A) the bike has not been rented that day, (B) a mechanic a checked it over and released it back into our fleet, and (C) the customer is willing to pay an extra half day to take the bike that evening.  If all of these conditions exist, we allow pick up between 5 and 5:30 pm, never earlier.

All bikes are due back by 5 pm, we do not allow morning returns.

What does 6th day free mean?

If you are renting equipment for 5 consecutive days,  Avalanche Sports will provide a 6th day free.  This is in addition to any reservation or group discounts already being used.  For example, If you are renting for 7 days, we will only charge you for 6.   

Renting for 6 consecutive days, we will charge you for 5.

Our only stipulation is that the days all be consecutive.  You may not rent for two days, return the equipment for a day or two, and then take the gear back out again, for a duration of four days and receive the 6th day free.

What is your reservation cut off?


We accept advance reservations up to 48 hours prior to arrival.  During the majority of the season, our system will still accept your request within this time frame, however, we can not guarantee that equipment will be set aside for you.  


I am making a reservation for a number of people.  Do I need each person’s vitals?  Shoe Size, Weight etc.


Yes, we preset all reservations.  Because of this, we need accurate information.


Do you offer Group Discounts?


Yes, please contact us with your group size (minimum 10 renters), and number of days (minimum two days).  We will then explain what additional discounts you may be entitled too.


What is your refund policy for unused ski days/early return?


We will gladly refund you for any unused rental days.  You must however return any equipment before 6 pm on your last day of use.  Skis returned the following day will not receive a refund. 


Reservations are for consecutive days, once equipment has been returned, the reservation has been fulfilled.  If you know you are taking a day off in between, and want to guarantee equipment for both stages, please submit two separate reservations.


When is your rental equipment due back?


Equipment is due back back by 6pm during the winter, bikes due back by 5pm during the summer.


Do I pay for my equipment even though I’m taking a day off?          


Yes, we charge for every day that you have your equipment.  If you do not want to be charged, you must return your equipment.  We will file your paperwork for the day you are going to re-rent, allowing us to pull similar equipment when you come back in.


What constitutes a “Junior”?


We consider a junior as someone who has a size 5 or smaller shoe size, under 5 feet tall,  and  no more than 12 years of age.


I want to get my skis tuned, when do I have to drop them off to guarantee an 8 am pick up the next day.


You must get your skis or board into us before 6 pm the night before to guarantee next day pick up.


What does your optional damage insurance cover?


It covers damage to the bases of your skis and bent poles.  It does not cover theft, loss, or the melting of your ski boots.

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