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Winter Service Rates


Featuring Montana Crystal Glide and Wintersteiger Micro Finish


Drop equipment off by 6pm at either Breckenridge Location and have you gear ready by 8am the next morning!

Full Service Tune, "The Works":  Ski $75 | Board $80


Full Service Tune: Restore your bases to factory like specifications, and dial them in for current local Breckenridge snow and temperature conditions. 

Service includes: preliminary base sand, filling of blemishes (p-tex), final sand, base structure, either a Montana Crystal Glide Finish, or a Wintersteiger Micro Finish (stone grind), side edge sharpen, base edge bevel with Montana HTT  machines, hot wax and polish

Local Tune:  Ski $65 | Board $70


Machine Tune: This is the same service as the Full Service Tune in that we will still grind, structure and wax your skis or board appropriately to current conditions, however we will not fill blemishes, (no p-tex work)  

Binding Mount: $75


Binding Mount: Services covered in this package are the installation of bindings upon a new or used pair of skis, boot to binding adjustment, the testing of release value, elastic travel, and compatibly


Binding Mount with New Ski Tune: $100

New Ski Tune: $65


New Ski Tune: Many of today's wider ski models, and smaller specialty brands are coming from the factory in a cupped or edge high condition-not flat.  The new ski tune will help eliminate these situations making your skis perform at their highest levels by incorporating many of the things we accomplish trough our Machine Tune

Hot Wax: $25


Infrared Hot Wax, "Wax Future":   Hot wax penetrates the base(s) of your board or skis allowing for a longer use life.  Daily, Avalanche Sports selects the wax which will work best for our current conditions.  Through infrared technology, we achieve deep wax absorption into your base(s),  and then polish to a high luster

Binding Adjustment with Function Test: $50


Binding and Function Test: This service should be performed prior to every season on every pair of skis being used.  Here we adjust the binding to your individual setting, and then adjust the binding to your boot, test release value, elastic travel, and compatibly 

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